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The term Machine Learning and the Artificial intelligence both the terms are interrelated to each other, but first, we will talk about the Artificial intelligence then we will discuss about the Machine Learning and the difference between the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it is a branch of computer science that is developing too fast in the 21st century. Artificial intelligence improves a computer task and ability to make things think and learn and work by their own without being encoded or commandant. Generally, you can say artificial intelligence just mimics the human person to make decisions itself to get the task or workload lighter as well as it can do for the human being. Ai is used by humans for so many technologies and games, for example, self-driving cars and games such as chess where your device look and lean and chase the best possible way to defeat you or make it difficult. People debating on ai that either it will help humanity and the world and other side many persons don’t support this technology, they called it a dangerous for humanity as if it grows continuously in the future at the same speed.


Machine Learning

Machine-learning allows your system to learn without being programmed in cleared and mannered way, its just a subset of computer science and growing continuously in the field of computer science as this is not just a better career option but also working for human being to make their task easy and get their workload lighter and more lighter, As I have mentioned about the self-driving cars which move itself without any driver and the games just like chess and go which decide the moves by itself that depends on the move you have done, practical speech recognition is also a part of machine learning

Machine Learning is stretched and penetrated in the daily routine of us that even we dont notice, the career in machine learning have high and better opportunity as the world need it and is getting higher in demand because the human being is getting dependent on the machines as technologies growing day per day, and that’s the reason why students who are just worrying about their career and have any interest in Artificial Intelligence going for machine learning course as it increases their package as well as get their market value higher. craw Cyber Security provides this course training and certifications as affordable and cheap as compare to another institute domestically or globally.


Difference Between artificial intelligence and machine learning

Both the words are interrelated to each other, but they are not quite the same. Perceptions are very confusing about both the words artificial intelligence and machine learning.

 Artificial intelligence is a broader concept where a machine being able to perform the task by its own sense which we can consider “smart’, where a Machines work smartly to complete the task


 Machine Learning is an AI-based application which let you able to give access to the data and let them learn themselves.

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