Penetration Test or Pen Testing

Penetration Or Pen Test

Penetration testing is a very common word Used within the circle of Cyber Security experts, security auditors and hackers or you can say a most important word for those who relate from an IT background, the word penetration is also called  the pen testing which indicates to find out security flaws and the vulnerabilities of any website by which an unethical hacker can breach  the security this means to find out the point from where any person can enter the website or in your system to get you to hack for any unethical purpose. its also called the white hat attacking as it’s done in an ethical way to warn and motive to improve that flaw of the website.This can be tested  virtually by Softwares, either it can be done manually for real and reporting to the relevant, the main objective of the penetration testing is to get to know about the security weakness and handle over it to IT and the network system mangers, enabling to get the decisions accordingly or make their system secure from all the unethical and black hat attacks, Its called the white hat attacks because its done by the good guys.

Purpose of Penetration Testing

The main purpose of penetration testing is to aware of the organization’s staff to make them secure by correcting out those vulnerabilities & how can be an organization can save them from cyber disasters. Penetration testing also highlights the company’s security policies, to test the staff awareness about security issues and also identify how any organizations are prepared for cyber or security disasters.

It also helps the organization to make their Investments plans that how much they should invest for their security budgets, these testing also helps application developers to develop more secure apps, these operation educates developers to judge their errors so that they won’t repeat these errors in future. Penetration testing should be ideally done minimum once in a year.

Learn Penetration testing and be a Licensed Pentester

Penetration Test

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Penetration testing is not even a good Career option but is also increases in your market value as per current situation of jobs especially in India,  it makes your demand in IT sectors and opens the door of the many big IT companies, but it just need only theoretical knowledge to get you higher in your career but it also need the very good hand practice and even after all of this You also need to be Certified penetration tester so that it makes more easy to you to get your high credit as compare than any other field, we provide the certifications authorized by EC councils, which is well known and the most trusted brand of the Cyber Security

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