Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensic Workshop 2k19

Craw Cyber Security Presents Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensic Workshop 2019

CRAW Security has conducted various workshops on Information Security, Ethical Hacking, iOS Development, Android Development, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Automobiles Mechanics
& IC Engines, Embedded System, Basic Networking, Internet Marketing and Sixth Sense Robotics many more topics in many top engineering Colleges, Schools Such as IIT Jodhpur, Amity University, Noida International University, TECHKRITI, Delhi Technology University, IMS Noida, TATA Communication, IGNOU, PEC and others


We try to give you real industry standards with best possible quality to all our customers and clients. We focus on Various sections of Society and running a national level campaign to literate Students from all parts of company who can’t Afford “Basic IT Computer Training”. We wish we could teach as many students
from all over the world and make it a beautiful place to work. We work on minimum gross margins to strength the Indian It infrastructure

Benefits to the participants Localhost of 2k19

  • Learn Ethical Hacking techniques and countermeasures directly from experienced Ethical Hackers.
  •  For your easy understanding we have included intense LIVE DEMOS for necessary topics like never before.
  •  Craw Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd. is the first Information Security Services Company to include Real Time Hands-Hacking Competition
  •  Attend this Workshop and get valuable Certificate from Craw Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd.
  • Take away Security Tool Kit preloaded DVDs.
  •  Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.
  •  Receive an unparalleled education on the art of computer security with personal one-on-one attention.
  •  Hands on Demonstrations of Latest Hacking Techniques & Tools.

Certification Details of Localhost workshop 2k19

  • During the whole Event Process following Certificate will be provided Certificate of Participation to all Participants from Craw Cyber Security.
  •  Certificate of Coordination to the Organizers/Coordinators from CRAW Cyber Security Pvt Ltd
  • Certificate of Merit to the Winners of Prelims round of Localhost  2k19 from from CRAW Cyber Security Pvt Ltd.

Topics we will covered

  • Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking/Cyber Security/Hackers and there types.
  • Module 02: Foot printing and Reconnaissance
  • Module 03: Scanning Networks- Scanning Networks and Operating Systems.
  • Module 04: Enumeration/Username Hacking and various Enumeration attacks.
  • Module 05: System Hacking/Password Cracking/Password Bypassing attacks
  • Module 06: Trojans and Backdoors/Creating Trojan Virus and Backdoors
  • Module 07: Viruses and Worms/ Constructive and Destructive Virus
  • Module 08: Network Password Sniffers
  • Module 09: Social Engineering Techniques
  • Module 10: Denial of Service- Dos Attack Explained
  • Module 11: Session Hijacking of Social Networking Websites
  • Module 12: Hacking Web servers- Server Rooting Attacks.
  • Module 13: Hacking Web Applications-hacking Websites
  • Module 14: SQL Injection-Injecting in Web applications using SQL Injection Attacks.
  • Module 15: Hacking Wireless Networks-WEP and WPA password Cracking
  • Module 16: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honey pots Hacking
  • Module 17: Buffer Overflow
  •  18. Module 18: Cryptography- Encryption and Decryption Attack
  • Module 19: Penetration Testing
  • Module 20: Mobile Hacking
  • Module 21: Cyber laws

Other Workshops Provided By CRAW security Cyber Security

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  •  2. Cyber Forensics
  •  3. Robotics
  •  4. IOT- Internet of Things workshop
  •  5. Android Programing
  •  6. Cloud Computing
  •  7. Entrepreneurship
  •  8. Sixth Sense Robotics
  •  9. Embedded Workshop
  •  10. Python Workshop
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  •  12. AutoCAD workshop
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  •  14. Digital Marketing Workshop
  •  15. Big Data HadoopWorkshop
  •  16. Matlab
  •  17. PCB Designing
  •  18. Web Designing

Requirements for Workshop

  •  A Seminar Hall with sitting capacity of 200-300 students depending on number of
  • students .
  •  One Projectors.
  •  2 COLLAR MIKE with Sound System.
  •  White Board and Marker.
  •  Laptop Charging Points.
  •  Workshop Coordinators (2-5).
  •  One Laptop per team (1-3 Students), should be carried by all teams.
  •  Fooding and Lodging to craw cyber security team.
  •  Accommodation for the workshops Executives.

Certification Policy

  •  Certificate of Participation from craw cyber security Security 2019 with name of craw  cyber security Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd to each participant
  •  Certificate of Coordination from craw cyber security Security 2019 with name of craw cyber security Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd. for all of the coordinators
  •  . Zonal Winner will be awarded as Certified Ethical Hacker from craw cyber security
  • Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd with certificate of merit and Job opportunity

Duration of Workshop

2 Days (7-8 Hours Per Day)

Eligibility Criteria

10th 12th B.C.A,M.C. A, B.Tech and . Basic Criteria is knowledge of Internet to the participant. If anybody know how to use internet and how to send an email then, they are eligible for this program!!!

Registration charges

  •  Registration Charges Rs. 1,200 only(Per Student)
  •  The fee includes workshop training certificate, event registration and free Ethical Hacking Tool kit to each member